Parents use child to whitewash terrorists in Aleppo, Jul 24, , RT. On the afternoon of Nov. Mohammed Batikh, director of Al-Razi Hospital, the victims of terror attacks which had begun a few hours prior began to arrive one after another, maimed and critically injured. The vehicle bombings and bombardment of Grad missiles, among other attacks, left 18 people dead and more than injured, according to Dr. Zaher Hajo, the head of forensic medicine at Al-Razi Hospital. Hajo, in the last five years, 10, civilians have been killed in Aleppo, 40 percent of whom were women and children. In the past year alone, children have been killed by terrorist shelling in Aleppo, and 45 children were killed by terrorist snipers. One of my relatives lived in Hama.

Gaza Strip

Sainsbury’s insisted the decision was taken in case protesters hurled food from the shelves, which would then have to be thrown away. But Facebook user Gavin Platman made a formal complaint about the incident, which happened half a mile from the company’s headquarters at London’s Holborn Circus. He wrote to Sainsbury’s: You are therefore not making a political statement against Israel but instead are targeting a group based on race – i.

Alleged scammer Xian Gaza now behind bars after two of his victim filed lawsuits against him. The CEO of a company based in Hong Kong is known for his infamous billboard proposal for actress Erich Gonzales. He surrendered to the authorities on April

A Palestinian state will be democratic. FACT One of the assumptions of supporters of the two-state solution in the West is that a Palestinian state will be democratic. Given that no democratic Arab states exist in the Middle East; it is illogical to believe a Palestinian state would be any different. All evidence to this point suggests that a Palestinian state would be yet another autocratic one that denies its people human and civil rights Americans take for granted.

Worse, it is likely a Palestinian state will become an autocratic theocracy similar to Saudi Arabia or another radical Islamic regime modeled after Iran. Abbas was elected in , but has repeatedly canceled elections, remaining in office more than a decade beyond the end of his term. Abbas does not allow freedom of speech, assembly, or religion.

Critics of the regime are jailed or, in some cases, executed. Such an entity already exists in the Gaza Strip where Hamas rules according to its interpretation of Islam and already resembles Iran in its treatment of women and persecution of Christians. Abbas is viewed as secular but has become radicalized over the years and openly parrots radical Islamists. Human rights organizations and Western governments have turned a blind eye to their abuses and, rather than hold them to account, they have been encouraged to continue their undemocratic behavior.


Share this article Share His body was carried through the streets of Gaza by a crowd, with Palestinian gunmen also present. Thuraya was one of two other Palestinians in Gaza by Israeli troops with a further two killed on the West Bank, Palestinian medical officials said, along with wounded. In the occupied West Bank, one of the dead was a man who Israeli police troopers said was shot after he stabbed a member of their unit.

A rich trading town dating back about 3, years has been under excavation in the Gaza Strip on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Archaeologists have uncovered stunning gold jewelry, scarabs and.

AP Berlin bureau chief Louis P. Lochner, somewhere in Germany, stands next to a Nazi soldier seated in a piece of artillery. A report and new counter-report on this subject offer a few striking lessons—not just for students of history but for anyone concerned with the way news coverage shapes our perception right now. In the Nazi years, according to Scharnberg, the AP was selling German images in the United States and selling images from the United States in Germany, allowing photographs of American Jews and others to be used in some of the vilest racial propaganda produced by the Nazi state.

What did the AP decide to cover, and how? While claiming to be covering Germany, the historian argued, the AP photo operation was, in fact, engaged in an illusion of coverage crafted in partnership with the Nazi regime. Instead of reporting on the reality of life under the regime, the AP—blinded and hobbled by its accommodations and relationships—helped obscure what was actually happening inside Germany and the way the Nazis waged war. The impact at the time is hard to determine, Scharnberg writes: But the AP chose to present its findings with a defensive tone that suggests that while the news organization has unearthed a great deal of information, editors there remain confused about what it all means.

Did the AP protest the use of its photos in propaganda that fueled genocide?


Accordingly, “Gaza” might be spelled “Gazza” in English. Although the “z” is double in Arabic, it was transliterated into Greek as a single zeta , and the voiced velar or uvular fricative at the beginning was transliterated with a gamma. History of Gaza Gaza’s history of habitation dates back 5, years, making it one of the oldest cities in the world. During the Middle Bronze Age , a revived Tell es-Sakan became the southernmost locality in Palestine, serving as a fort.

Gaza remained under Egyptian control for years until it was conquered by the Philistines in the 12th century BCE, becoming a part of their “pentapolis”.

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The Palestine Advocacy Project is working on a response. What possible aims can be achieved through presenting montages of people participating in a movement thousands of miles away from the United States? Why is it important that we acknowledge the crisis unfolding in the Gaza Strip? These are questions that the Palestinian Advocacy Project seeks to answer through its ongoing billboard campaign.

Razan al-Najjar, 21, was one of almost medics thus far shot by Israeli snipers while attempting to care for wounded demonstrators. We want people to understand the full depth of Palestinian life and culture. They are struggling human beings who are capable of great acts of courage. Although the vast majority of protesters are unarmed, the Israeli Defense Forces continues to fire indiscriminately on peaceable civilians in the besieged coastal enclave.

As of October 1, , Israeli forces have killed at least Palestinians and wounded more than 21, , according to health officials in Gaza. The victims include children, the elderly, and the disabled, as well as journalists and medics like Razan. The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness about an issue that has seen much traction over the past few decades, but which is understood by few. Over the last few years, knowledge of the challenges faced by the people living in the Gaza Strip has faded from public memory in the USA.


Accordingly, “Gaza” might be spelled “Gazza” in English. Although the “z” is double in Arabic, it was transliterated into Greek as a single zeta , and the voiced velar or uvular fricative at the beginning was transliterated with a gamma. History of Gaza Gaza’s history of habitation dates back 5, years, making it one of the oldest cities in the world. During the Middle Bronze Age , a revived Tell es-Sakan became the southernmost locality in Palestine, serving as a fort.

Gaza remained under Egyptian control for years until it was conquered by the Philistines in the 12th century BC, becoming a part of their “pentapolis”. Alexander the Great besieged Gaza , the last city to resist his conquest on his path to Egypt, for five months before finally capturing it BCE; [15] the inhabitants were either killed or taken captive.

Under the camouflage of an olive grove in Gaza, Abu Khalid prepares his brigade for a war he says is inevitable, but that he doesn’t want. The commander’s male and female fighters, in military.

Today you need a hard-to-procure permit to enter or exit Gaza. In ancient times, Gaza was the main port along the Mediterranean and access point for travellers and traders on route to the Levant and greater Syria, Arabian Peninsula or Africa. Today, its cuisine of unique combinations still mirrors this past. View image of Gaza was once the main port along the Mediterranean for traders en route to the Arabian Peninsula or Africa Credit: After decades of rule by the Turks, Brits and Egyptians, Israel then occupied Gaza from to ; two years later Hamas , a designated terror group, violently seized power from its rival, the more moderate Palestinian Authority PA based in the West Bank.

Israel and Egypt then imposed travel and trade blockades on Gaza. Over the last nine years, Israel and Hamas have fought three devastating wars; many in Gaza have still not recovered from the last one three years ago. Today, Israel restricts most border crossings. Informally, however, half a kilo or a kilo of sweets — or about two big plates of Knafa Arabiya — will get through. View image of The savoury-sweet twist is made richer with nuts, nutmeg and cinnamon Credit: Gaza was a month deep into a severe electricity crisis that left the strip’s two million people with just two to three hours of power a day — down from only eight hours in the months before.

The lucky ones, like Abu al Saoud, can keep lights on longer with generators. Even at just five shekels per slice — the same price as in Nablus — the knafe is unaffordable for many in Gaza, which has some of the highest unemployment in the world. Despite the hardships, Abu al Saoud has had several successful locations around Gaza City.


It was conceived partly as an Arab League attempt to limit the influence of Transjordan in Palestine. The All-Palestine Government was quickly recognized by six of the then seven members of the Arab League: After the cessation of hostilities, the Israel-Egypt Armistice Agreement of 24 February established the separation line between Egyptian and Israeli forces, and established what became the present boundary between the Gaza Strip and Israel.

Both sides declared that the boundary was not an international border. The southern border with Egypt continued to be the international border which had been drawn in between the Ottoman Empire and the British Empire.

Jul 22,  · GAZA (Reuters) – About 1, Palestinian Muslims fleeing Israeli shells devastating their Gaza neighborhood have found shelter in a building they otherwise would rarely if ever enter, the city’s.

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RafahToday Rafah and Egypt have a long history dating back years ago. Egypt was frequently having to fight military battles and had created many defensive positions and strategies. They had created the Horus Military Route which spans miles by the sea. This is known from the inscriptions on the Temple of Karnak in Luxor. This fortress is the fifth fortress found. At the fort they found a royal monument for King Thutmose II.

The embassy move was a long-standing Trump pledge, dating back to campaign days. “What a glorious day for Israel!” said Netanyahu. “We are in Jerusalem, and we are here to stay.” On the Gaza.

His office later insisted that his intended meaning was “naive”. Israel has faced mounting questions over its use of live fire after 10 days of protests and clashes along the Gaza Strip border in which its forces have killed 30 Palestinians, according to Gaza’s health ministry. Violence spiked again on Friday, when clashes erupted as thousands protested along the border, and nine Palestinians, including a journalist, were killed.

Mr Lieberman seemed to suggest the journalist was using a drone when he was killed, but two people who said they were with him on Friday rejected it. Ashraf Abu Amra and Hosam Salem both said he was a couple of hundred metres from the border when he was shot. An AFP picture taken after he was wounded showed Murtaja wearing a press vest as he received treatment.

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