Grey’s Anatomy Drops A Huge Plot Twist With All New Season 15 Trailer

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Grey’s Anatomy News

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The second half of Season 12 of “Grey’s Anatomy” saw Meredith taking a step forward in her life since Derek’s death by hooking up with Martin Henderson’s character Nathan. Not many people are going to be happy with his hookup, and the first and foremost will be Owen, the character essayed by Kevin.

Sep 11, AceShowbiz – Here’s a new sneak peek at ” Grey’s Anatomy ” season 15 before the show returns later this month. But at the same time, the trailer teases a “jaw-dropping twist. The lingering question aside, the trailer also drops a baby bomb as Kim Raver ‘s Teddy Altman announces that she’s “11 weeks pregnant,” much to Maggie Pierce’s Kelly McCreary surprise. On a lighter note, the video is introducing two new hot doctors in the hospital, played by Chris Carmack and Alex Landi, who make a female patient gasp.

Carmack is cast as a so-called “Ortho God” named Link, while Landi is tapped to portray the show’s first gay male surgeon, Dr. Both characters will recur in the upcoming season.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Two Marriage Proposals, One Death & Meredith’s New Man (SPOILERS)

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. They hook up a number of times. Alex doesn’t kiss Izzie goodnight. He doesn’t kiss her until episode 7 Something to Talk About.

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Losing a couple important characters was difficult, but the upcoming season will bring a few old characters back into the fold. This includes Kim Raver, who is returning to the series as a full-time cast member to reprise her role as Dr. Fast forward a good decade and Teddy is now pregnant, though fans will have to wait to learn the identity of the father. In fact, Pompeo and Shonda Rhimes have reportedly agreed to do the show until one of them decides to bow out.

Speaking of characters, fans can expect to see an uptick in crossovers this season. Station 19 creator Stacey McKee recently confirmed the crossover rumors and promised fans that the two shows will interact in the near future. GreysAnatomy season 15 spotlight: What should be coming next for Alex Karev? In Season 14, Meredith helped Nick run tests on himself after he underwent a kidney transplant.

Pompeo then teased that a romance between the characters might be on the horizon, but Speedman recently shot down the notion of a potential hookup. The season is expected to premiere sometime this fall.

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Introduce a great new character in Dr. Scott Speedman told the story of this transplant doctor beautifully and established what felt like instant, organic chemistry with Meredith Grey. While Nick was in danger of losing a kidney, it never quite felt like his life was on the line. Instead, there was something fun and refreshing about watching them communicate. They understood each other, and to go along with that they also understood that there were obstacles that were naturally in the way of them actually pursing something in a serious fashion.

Mars is from Minnesota, for example, so sooner or later he would have to go back there. Yet, does he have to back there forever? Does he have to go back there at all? It would probably be unrealistic if he was to just show up again next week and dropped his entire life, but it does feel like his return would make for a great ending to this season — or, a twist at the start of season 15 which is almost certainly coming.

Do you want to see Scott Speedman back as Nick Mars? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments!

The 10 McDreamiest McDreamy Moments in “Grey’s Anatomy” History

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly , McKidd revealed that Owen will be disappointed when he finds out that his best friend hooked up with Nathan Riggs Martin Henderson last season. According to the actor, the secret about the steamy affair between Mer and Riggs will be revealed in season 13, and it will not sit well with Owen. He’s almost becoming an unofficial brother to Meredith.

Derek was his friend.

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FYI, Meredith Grey Has a History of Regrettable ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Hookups

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Mar 20,  · Last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy saw the divorced pair open the door for a rekindled romance with a sexy hookup while in Montana on a case — where they also met Jackson’s estranged father.

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’: The Many Hookups of Alex Karev (GALLERY)

Last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy saw the divorced pair open the door for a rekindled romance with a sexy hookup while in Montana on a case — where they also met Jackson’s estranged father Eric Roberts. While the couple’s future is still uncertain, Drew assured fans at PaleyFest on Sunday that Japril will always be together — whether romantically or otherwise.

They know each other so well,” Drew said during the Grey’s Anatomy panel. Williams also commented on the pair’s connection, calling April Jackson’s “best friend. It’s been a big cloud over the character for his entire life, and my entire career playing him,” Williams confessed. We were working with a completely different crew, in a completely different set, on location.

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Alex Landi From ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ On Making Elevator Hookup History & Breaking Stereotypes Onscreen

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Sep 10,  · Watch video · It might be fall in Seattle, but Dr. Meredith Grey is bringing the heat. The official trailer for the upcoming season of Grey’s Anatomy was released on Monday, September 10, and it .

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